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  Avgerini Picnics

 (Only for Avgerini villa clients, minimum 6 persons)


   A great idea for those hiring boats to explore the coast line and find many  coves and beaches that are only accessible from the sea.



  English mature cheddar

  Thickly sliced ham

  Hard boiled egg

  Chutney, pink-pickled onions

  Apple, celery and radishes

  Crusty bread with butter

  Artisanal island beer




  PICNIC 2 (Vegetarian)


 Spanish tortilla

 Ham and courgette cake with yoghurt and mozzarella

 Penne salad with feta and olives

 Herbed bean salad

 Yoghurt with honey






  Scotch eggs

  Spicy guacomole with tortilla chips

  Assorted sandwiches

  Mini mozzarella, bacon and red pepper skewers

  Tomato, feta and fusilli pasta salad

  Lemon drizzle cake





  Red pepper and feta dip with crudites

  Sage and olive fritters with kumquat chutney

  Spicy orange and chicken pittas

  Orzo with prawns, vegetables and herbs in a lemon dressing

  Greek cookies




   PICNIC 5 

  Cold sesame noodles

  Vegetarian maki sushi with soy sauce, wasabi and pickled ginger

  Spicy ginger, cucumber and pepper salad

  Asian chicken salad

  Thai watermelon salad






  PICNIC 6 (Gourmet Greek tasting)

  6 charcuterie items from around Greece (siglino, apaki, pastourma etc.)

  6 regional cheeses of Greece

  Accompanied with breads, crackers and fruit

  375ml moschofilero (w) or Nemea (r) wine per person




 Tirokafteri, (spicy cheese dip), with crudites

 Artisanal breads

 Assorted sausages with mustard

 Coucous salad

 Feta and watermelon salad



















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