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Roasted red pepper and feta spread for Valentine's day

This is a nice idea as a canape or even a starter that takes little time to whip up as part of your Valentine's dinner. This is a specialty of Macedonia.

2 Florina red peppers, (use the one's in a jar)

500g feta cheese

1 jalapeno chilli or chilli flakes to taste if fresh not available

Black pepper

4 T olive oil

2 T lemon juice

Pitta bread in quarters

In a food processor, combine the feta with 2 T olive oil and pulse until feta is creamy.

Then add the red peppers, chilli and ground black pepper.

Pulse until well combined and gradually add the remaining olive oil and the lemon juice.

taste and check for olive oil/lemon if more is needed. Voila! Simple and quick!

Serve with the quarters of pitta bread.

#redpepper #feta #oliveoil #chilli

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